Engineering R & D Consultant Corp. is one of California's premiere supplier of precision parts and assemblies. Our customer service is legendary and our quality is unmatched. We have 20 year experience of supplier and distributor.

Engineering R & D Consultant Corp. are consulting in temperature measurement and control area. we have extended our business area to services of other test and measurement equipments, and supplying of thermocouples and RTDs and refurbish Wafer heater. We are also distribute Kodis diamond cutting tools for many applied area.

We know R&D is vital to keep the position of quality and technology leader in the field. The newly developed products, Thermocouple instrumented wafer is one of the examples showing our emphasis in R&d.

For profile and spike thermocouples, we have long experience in supplying and providing repair and calibration services for various custom and standard models. Especially, thermocouples for TEL and Kokusai 8" vertical furnaces.