Semiconductor Process pw01
Temperature sensors directly embedded on wafers enable us to perform direct in-situ
Wafer temperature measurement. Since the sensors are reliable and directly planted on the measured
wafer, it can give us actual temperature at precise locations at which the sensors are planted.

By plantin multiple sensors at different locations on a wafer, we can also accurately measure temperature

profile of the wafer, and continuously monitor temperature changes of complete thermal cycle including
transient states such as ramping up, cooling down, or delay period.
  Photo regist
  Prober hot plate, General Process Hot Plate
  Real time process monitoring
  Wafer size : 2" ~ 12"
  TC type : K, R, etc
  Temperature range : 0กษ~250กษ
  Accuracy : Less than กพ1.0กษ or 0.4% 'K type'
  Number of Sensors Available : 1 to 34 points
  TC Leads : Sensors thickness. 0.127mm
  TC Insulation : 0กษ~250กษ (Teflon Sleeving, Polymide)
  TC connectors : 2 - Pin, sub-miniature plugs, D-type sub miniature (up to 37 pins)
    U-shape terminal