Semiconductor Process pw02
Thermocouple instrumented wafers delvelped by ERC use thermocouple at temperature sensor.
Thermocouples are directly implanted into cavities in wafer and secured by high temperature thermal bond for
maximum bonding strength and minimum heat loss. Depend upon user's application, up to 34 thermocouples

can be implanted on bare, coated, or patterned wafer, or on different substrate such as GaAs, Ceramic,

or Flat panel glass. There are also various options for wire insulation, connector,
 and feedthrough other than thermocouple type.
  Vacuum Chamber Type
  CVD System Diffusion
  PVD Sputtering
  RTP Other Process
  Wafer size : 2" ~ 12"
  Thermocouples: Temperature range 0กษ~1100กษ intermittent.
    0กษ~800กษ continuous
  Accuracy : Less than กพ1.1กษ or กพ 0.4% 'K type'
  กพ0.25% of reading - R type
  Number of Sensors available : 1~34 Points
TC type : K, R, etc.
TC Leads : Standard thickness. 0.127mm
  TC Insulation : Silica sleeve, Quartz micro tubing
Feed thru : For Vacuum Chamber
  TC connectors : 2 - Pin, D-type sub miniature (up to 37 pins), U-shape terminal