LCD Process pw03
ERC TC Instrumented LCD substrates provide yield enhancement and temperature control solutions for
LCD processing systems.
Everybody knows higher yield is resulted from tighter process control and tighter process control

comes after accurate measurement of process parameters.

With deeply immersed TC's in to the LCD substrate, it will give actual temperature of LCD glass
at the precise location where the sensors are planted.
  LCD Processing Systems Real time Process Monitoring
  Plat Panel Substrates Memory Disk Deposition Systems
  Memory Disks- Metal, Glass, Ceramic
  Substrates : 200mm x 20mm to 655mm x 750mm others- customer supplied
  Quartz, glass, or customer supplied bare, coated or patterned substrates
  Thermocouples : Temperature range 0กษ ~up to 800กษ
  Accuracy : Less than กพ1.1กษ or กพ 0.4% 'K type' of reading (K type), 0.25% of reading (R type)
Number of Sensors available : 1~34 Points or more points
  TC type : K, R, etc.
TC Leads : Standard thickness. 0.127mm
TC Insulation : กร 300กษ : Silica Yarn, Quartz micro tubing
    0 ~300กษ : Polymide Coating
  0 ~250กษ : Teflon Sleeving
Feed thru : For Vacuum Chamber
  TC connectors : 2 - Pin, D-type sub miniature (up to 37 pins), others